Runaway Horse Escaped And Rescued By 16-Year-Old Girl From Busy Highway

As you know, animals are often considered “troubleshooters” because they are known to cause problems on their own. Especially the horses who risk their lives and always find themselves in the most unusual situations. In our daily life, we always face strange situations, and when we think that nothing can surprise us, we still hear new stories about animals that surprise us.

In the video below you’ll see something you’ve never seen before, and I’m sure it will leave you speechless. Many brave men have been tasked with saving helpless and needy animals, but they are not. This time the rescuer is a brave teenager who didn’t think twice to save her horse in need!

Surprisingly, the horse escaped from the racetrack and ran down a Maryland highway. 16-year-old rider Caroline Scholes spotted a running horse as she prepared to race. She knew something was wrong and when she saw her horse leave, thought it would be better to go after him. With the horse Tinkerbell, she chased the escaped horse for nearly three miles, and a group of women followed and served as a security guard protecting the horse from other vehicles. As you can see, nothing can stop this great horse lover from saving their horses.

Watch the video below to learn more!