Rottweiler was the best man for his owner’s wedding

A wedding is a time for love, commitment, loving memories and for a groom in Scotland, a dog. Although having a dog at a wedding is not a new concept, having a dog as the best man is certainly unique.

Since the role of the best man fits Christopher McCarron’s Rottweiler, the man decided to have his dog represent him on the most important day of his life.

McCarron and his bride, Margaret Allison, consider Jack the dog to be part of the family. The two bonded over a shared love of pups and even met at an animal rescue center.

Amazingly, McCarron went to the shelter after the death of his son. He met Jack, a six-year-old former guard dog there, and they instantly bonded. Initially, they told the man not to let Jack play with other dogs.

“I wouldn’t have considered getting a rescue dog because of his age, he’s around six,” McCarron shared with SWNS. “But when he went up to me, we just clicked. Little did I know that I’d meet my future wife at the rescue center too.”

Pooch sat quietly on his father’s side throughout the ceremony and even sneezed shortly after “I’m accept” as if he approved.

Jack looked extremely dull with his mini tuxedo collar and well represented his father, who attracted the attention of the local media.
At the end of the day, McCarron said he did not believe he saved Jack, but that Jack saved him.

Witness the beautiful ceremony in the video below.

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