Rottweiler Tries To Scam Dad, Refuses to Take Meds and Plays Dead

Brutus, a sweet Rottweiler, has had a tough life. An injury in his breeding home had made him unable to walk. Thankfully, a family fell in love with him. They not only adopted him, but also arranged for him to get well through an expensive corrective surgery.

Today, with the help of daily medicines, Brutus can walk again, and live as a normal dog. But he hates the sight of the bitter pills he has to take regularly, and comes up with new tricks to avoid taking them!

In this hilarious video, we see Dad trying to get Brutus to swallow his 5 pills. But Brutus has a smart plan. He skillfully aligns himself on his back, in a belly-rub position, and freezes his paws to play dead! Dad keeps coaxing him to give it up, but the stubborn Brutus doesn’t move an inch.

Dad tries bribing Brutus with playtime, but that doesn’t work either. Finally, Brutus gags out four of the pills in a foamy mess, and poor Dad picks them up and places them under his teeth, again. Seems like Dad needs to think of some other way to get those pills in, as Brutus’ wit and determination is quite formidable!

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