Rescuers Found A Weakened Mother Dog On The Street, Desperately Looking For Her Puppies

The mother dog walked down the street in search of the puppies. Like all the mothers who lost their childrens, she longed for her babies. At New Orleans, she can’t go unnoticed because dogs can’t walk alone.

But fortunately, good people saved her. He did not stop his actions. Many people consider this pit bull breed to be a dangerous and aggressive breed and do not help the dog.

Thanks to Torres, the mother dog was able to meet her puppies. When the dog leads the rescue team to the location, they followed and maked sure the dog is at the owner’s house.

The owner was arrested and the puppies were left in his house. Staff took specific steps to release puppies and return it to their mother. Their meeting scene was very touching.

When the mother saw all of her puppies again, all the rescuers shed tears.

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