Rescued Pony Is Completely In Love With His New Little Friend

One of the most beautiful relationships in the world is, of course, children and young animals. Many children spend more time with animals than their parents. Because, as it was a few decades ago, pets are now so common that most generations come into much greater contact with animals. Compared to previous generations it was very unusual to see animals walking down the street in urban areas.

You can see just how many owners have pets, especially dogs, which are also the most popular animals in urban areas. The situation is different, since horses are not as popular as pets, but there are still many younger generations who show a great interest in horses, even children who have nothing to do with their families..

I am very happy to see this interest shown. Because soon that will be reflected in the future of the equestrian world. I believe it looks really bright. And in the future, many children will spend all their time on horses.

Now, in the video below, let’s focus on this beautiful girl who is absolutely gorgeous and most importantly has a rescued cunt named Brogy, who is her very special friend who loves her very much.

Gigja Einarsdottir and her family rescued a caged cub two years ago. Her four-year-old daughter befriended the pony. Gigja and her family were warming up at home and getting ready to watch a European singing contest when a neighbor called and told them about a fenced cub near the farm.

It was a cold and stormy night, but the reporter did not hesitate to go out in search of the poor animal. They took him and fed him when he was hungry. What surprised me the most was the amazing bond between Brogy and his daughter Giggi. They connected as soon as they saw each other.

Watch the video below and watch one of the most beautiful tender moments.