Rescued As Cubs, Lion, Tiger And Bear Have Been Best Friends For Over 15 Years

The animal world is no stranger to rare friendships, but this one takes things to a whole new level of weirdness. Presentation of the BLT trio (no, not the famous sandwich)! BLT stands for Bear, Lion, and Tiger, and it’s an acronym used to describe the most unlikely friendship the animal kingdom has ever offered. The beautiful bond these three wild animals share has warmed hearts for over 15 years!

They all live in an animal sanctuary in Atlanta, Georgia, called “Noah’s Ark.” Here they are well cared for and live freely and beautifully. But things weren’t always this way. Baloo bear, Shere Khan tiger and Leo lion come from very difficult pasts and were once bred illegally. Fortunately, they were rescued when they were young and sent to Noah’s Ark. They surprised everyone with their friendly personality from the moment they arrived, and they started expressing their affection as soon as they met.

Allison Hedgecoth, curator at Noah’s Ark Animal Sanctuary, said: “BLT showed signs of being a related trio from the moment we saw them as they arrived at Noah’s Ark. They sought comfort and affection by cuddling, grooming, and playing together.”

The young animals often share an interspecies friendship, but in this case their relationship grew stronger as all three grew up. And incredibly, they share a bond of brotherly love that seems to ignore all adversity.

Doesn’t nature sometimes scream to be filmed in a Disney movie? Watch the adorable video below to learn more about their amazing friendship and see how well they get along with each other!

Despite everything, these three friends remained inseparable for over 15 years when fate took Leo. Sadly, Khan also left after a few years, but their touching story will forever remain in the hearts of all animal lovers!