Rescue Poodle With Amputated Legs Is Now Making The Most Of Her Life

Zach Skow and his wife Heather Skow rescued their little poodle Cora Rose after a serious car accident a few years ago. The accident broke both her legs and her heart. Cora was immediately taken to Bakersfield Veterinary Hospital, where her front legs were amputated.

But fortunately, Cora was a strong girl. The pain passed quickly, and she tried to move slowly and began to wag her tail.

The puppy gradually got up and learned to walk on its hind legs. Every day her legs got stronger and she became happier. Cool girl can now stand like a hero and jump like a kangaroo. She always moves forward. She also has a wheelchair to run when she wants.

Cora enjoys a wonderful life every day. She fits perfectly into the Skow family. She gets along very well with other dogs, makes amazing friendships with Zach and her daughter Heather, and even teaches her toddlers to walk.