Rescue Guardian Dog Sees 2 Sheep Fighting and He Establishes Justice

Caitlin Cimini, president and founder of Rancho Relaxo, began the rescue a few years ago after she rescued her first wild mustache named “Halona.
This led to its purchase on a farm and the rest is history. Slowly, she began to collect various farm animals that needed her help. She was determined to be their voice and show them love.

Michael, a rescued Great Pyrenees farm dog, is an integral part of the management of Rancho Relaxo. Michael takes his farm dog duties very seriously, as he always keeps a watchful eyes over the sheep and the goats. He not only guards them from predators, but also refuses to entertain any rough fight amongst themselves.

In this video, two resident sheep named Flick and Banks are seen head-butting each other. Now, the situation may indicate an argument, but Flick and Banks often engage in playing harmlessly rough with each other, without intending to fight.

Cimini posted the video on Instagram with the headline, “Michael is the most amazing caretaker ever. It not only protects our residents rescued from predators, but also protects them from each other. Even when he doesn’t need to.
Flick and Banks were playing in this clip. Michael thought they were fighting, so he destroyed it. Really extraordinary to see this big polar bear do what comes naturally to him. ”


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