Rescue Dog Refuses To Let Go Of His Dad’s Hand On The Ride To His New Home

Sam Clarence has often volunteered as a traveler to a nearby shelter. This is how he met the shy pain Stanley, a rescue dog of the Bully breed. Sam knew that Stanley Skiftish would be a “failed caretaker,” so he decided to take him home.

Stanley took his sweet time to get out of his shell, but when he did, there was no stopping him. Stanley became a sweet and loyal companion over the months, even befriending humans and other dogs.

But nothing could defeat Stanley’s special love for his father.
Stanley insists on holding Sam’s hands all the time, whether playing, watching TV or even sleeping. Even Sam doesn’t mind throwing the ball with all his love.

As he drives, Sam struggles to keep his eyes on the road, as the adorable Stanley would place his paws on Sam’s arms with his feet!
So beautiful! No wonder Sam calls her “Velcro Dog.”

Today, Stanley is an older experience, but that hasn’t diminished his willingness to father even for a while.
After spending years of tough and lonely time on the road, Stanley can hardly take care of any time now! His love for his father is the sweetest thing we have seen today!


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