Rescue Dog Hugs His Life-Saver And Stops Her From Answering A Call

In fact, some people think that rescue dogs cannot show affection . After all, after experiencing a difficult situation, you will never experience positive feelings for others again. Well, I think it’s the dog’s personality that always gives a lot of love, regardless of its source. Rescue dogs can be a little more nervous than other puppies, but that doesn’t mean they can show less love.

So when the dog, who was pulled out of the chain, finally had his first taste of freedom, he was compelled to express his gratitude to the saviour. That’s the case in the video below when the dog shows his great affection when the rescuer makes an important call! This amazing moment was captured by the camera and I knew I had to share it with you. Pitbull Asher was rescued in Smithfield, Virginia, and his first safety moment was filmed by his lifeguard.

When a woman has a fairly serious conference call with the ambulance commander, Asher decides that his rescuer is not worth the time for him and tells her how grateful he is to her. This cute video was posted on Rumble and recorded 260,000 views. And once you see it for yourself, it’s not hard to understand why! When the rescuer tries to make a call, a cute puppy hugs him with his paw and shows his kindness. He puts his head on her head and begins to lick her.

This is really one of the most interesting things we have seen today. And I don’t know how this woman kept talking on the phone! Since the video was only a few seconds long and I couldn’t hear such an important conversation, could Asher have a happy ending?

But since then, Asher has found his perfect home forever. The Rescue Center described their beloved puppy’s new home as follows: “His new brothers are Benji and they are best friends. He loves to walk 17 acres of land every day and walk in the garden with the owner. When he brings tomatoes, he steals tomatoes from the bucket and rolls them into the hall to eat before the owner is finished. He also has 30 curious chick friends. But he still doesn’t intend to swim in the pool with the owner! He adapts surprisingly well and his habits are lazy! ”

Watch the video below for more information.