Quarter Horse Running In A Dream In The Middle Of Afternoon Nap

Have you ever wondered how a horse sleeps? Many people already know that horses sleep differently from all other animals. In fact, one of the most popular facts about horses is that they sleep standing up. However, it turns out that this is not entirely true.

Yes, they sleep on their feet, but they will not sleep intensively and will not go into REM sleep. In fact, it is just a popular mistake to say that horses sleep standing up because they lie down when they need to fully sleep.

The real reason horses sleep upright is predators, so if you have a predator next to you, the horse cannot get up and spend time, so it can sleep on its feet and run away much faster,ultimately save their own life if they have to. Below we decided to show you a funny video of a beautiful horse sleeping after dinner.

Her name is Trendy and she is a beautiful 1988 AQHA mare who seems to dream a lot while sleeping. We’re pretty sure she’s dreaming of winning her horse races. Look how she runs while she sleeps!

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen a funny video of horses making funny gestures while sleeping. Each horse has its own sleeping habits, but we all know that they all like to sleep on sunny days. Watch the video below to learn more!