Puppy With Permanent Smile Found Himself Amazing Home

All dogs deserve recognition, but not all dogs, especially those born with a disability or unique birth defects that give them an unusual appearance, are lucky enough to receive the love and care they need. Such dogs are often euthanized shortly after birth, leaving them to stand on their own.


Fortunately, this Pit Bull Rottweiler crossbreed is lucky. Kaylee Carlisle first learned about this particular puppy from her dog owner three years ago. She met him as a lifeguard to help the puppy get treatment and find a lovely home, but instead she became his human mother.

Kayleigh named the dog Chupacabra (or Chupei for short) after a legendary beast in Mexican mythology. Kayleigh has never seen such a special puppy in her 10 years of volunteering with a dog rescue organization.

Chupei is born with little hair, small eyes, curved ears, large teeth, and a wide mouth, with a smile as if from birth. The radiant smile that instantly captured Kayleigh’s heart made her fall in love with the little man in a strange way.

Later, they found out that his unusual appearance was due to an extra chromosome, but that didn’t stop the dog from living a full life every day. It seems that the congenital anomaly had only a physical effect on him, not a mental effect.

The Chupei has always been a bright and playful puppy who loves people and gets along well with other dogs. Kayleigh had several dogs as animal rescuers and Chupi was always a good friend to them.

Even after 3 years, Chupei is the happiest dog in the world! He is not only a best friend of Kayleigh’s daughter Carson, but also a strong supporter of dogs and dogs with special needs in general. Isn’t it cute?

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