Puppy has Scared to Slide, but Mama Dog jumps first and Teaches Her To Slide

Always a unique and enriching experience to raise a child. Helping children cope with the ups and downs of life as they navigate through their hopes and fears can be a challenging task for any parent. It is no different for dogs.

In the video, we see a golden mummy Retriever dog named Lilly who is trying to show her little dog Layla the joys of riding in a slide. While Lilly likes to be an active poet, Layla is crippled by the fear before the eyes of the high alt alt slide!

Lilly demonstrates the simple method of not attracting the mind to slide a slide. It makes it look incredibly light, but Layla is still so perfect. She just freezes on top and refuses to come down.

At this point, Lilly decides to tell Layla how it turned out! You have to watch this video to fully enjoy the delightful moment of Lilly’s parenting. It seems that Layla will soon overcome her fear of slipping at this pace. What an adorable and useful parenting trick by Lilly!

Click on the video below to see Lilly’s helpful solution to help her puppy overcome her fear of slipping!

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