Puppy Feels Water for The First Time and backs off immediately

Louie the Beagle is an adventurous and playful dog who loves splashing around in pools on hot days. However, his little doggie sister, Marie, is a complete opposite when it comes to summer fun. In this video, we see Marie being introduced to a pool for the first time, but she hilariously ends up hating the aquatic experience!

Initially, Marie seems very excited about the pool. Louie steps inside the pool and splashes around to show his sister how to enjoy the water. The excited Marie follows her brother and climbs into the pool, but she instantly regrets it! She pauses in disgust, and then clumsily scurries her way out to dry land!

Marie’s human drops some toys inside the pool to coax her to step in again. The scared puppy is enticed by the toys and dunks her head inside the pool, but she immediately changes her mind and decides to avoid the “uncomfortable” pool altogether!

Poor Louie wants to play in the pool so bad, but he is forced to drop the idea when his little sister insists on sunbathing outside instead! He reluctantly cuddles with Marie on the inflatable mattress while the little one happily soaks up the sun! What a charming pair!

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