Puppy Born with A Charming Mustache Is Seeking A Loving Forever Home

A mom dog and her litter with eleven small cubs were recently found as vagrants. Thankfully, they were rescued by the Dallas Animal Services and Hearts & Bones Rescue agreed to introduce them.

While all puppies are equally adorable, one of them stands out most with a very special mark on her face.

This special puppy, nicknamed “Puppy mustache”, has a note that makes her look like she has a curly mustache!

Salvation posted photos of being unique on their Instagram, and it is now a social media sensation. She has since been named Salvador Dolly after Spanish painter Salvador Dali, who also has a prominent mustache.

Mom and her five-week-old puppies went to live with a loving caretaker in Dallas, where they will shower with love and care.

In the last week of August, this beautiful family, including ‘Mustache Pup’, will be looking for shelter and permanently in New York City.

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