Pregnant Mare Trapped In A Frozen Pond With No Way Out Finally Saved By Rescuers

So far, we have seen many videos of horses in critical situations, many of which stem from the irresponsibility of the owners of the horses not to take care of them. You always have to look after and take care of your cute horse. Fortunately, often nothing serious happens and everything goes perfectly. However, it should be borne in mind that there are other cases where the end of a speech is undesirable.

This is what this video is about. Horse owners should also be really grateful to the animal rescue team in an emergency to save their horse’s life. They don’t get the recognition they deserve, but they are true heroes.

The horse drowned in the ice water of a frozen pond and could not get out. Rescuers jumped to get the horse out of the ice, but were surprised to find out that the horse was pregnant. This meant that their mission was particularly difficult as special care had to be taken to save the lives of two people at the same time.

A panic-stricken 5-year-old mare is trapped in a frozen pond with no way to escape, and rescuers work tirelessly to rescue her. Also, future foals can become hypothermic at any time, so the team will do everything possible to rescue the mare and her foal. When the exhausted mare tried to give up, she jumped hard, but she fell again.

After 40 minutes in the water, the horse experienced the last minute and a miracle happened. Fortunately, the horse was pulled out of the ice. There are mixed emotions in this video in many parts, but I won’t spoiler anything other than what has already been mentioned.

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