Policeman And Tiny Baby Owl Have The Most Adorable Conversation Ever

A Colorado police officer and an owl she met on a forest road captured one of the sweetest scenes you’ll ever see. Their awesome conversation was filmed on a policeman’s dash camera and it’s just amazing!

The agent and her colleague were driving along a mountain pass near the town of Nederland when they spotted a small bird next to them. The little creature looked lost, and the policeman decided to investigate. After a while they had the sweetest showdown.

Only after she got out of the car and approached the bird did the agent recognize that it was a northern owl. The officer asked softly as she approached the lonely bird. “Hello?!” She didn’t expect an answer, but it came unexpectedly at once. As soon as the owl heard a human voice, it reacted very kindly and immediately began to twist its little head. The moment that made the officer laugh.

Then the agent greeted him again, and the bird’s response was delicious as before. After this sweet and funny conversation, the agent made sure the little owl crossed the road safely and found its way among the trees beside the road.

The short clip was later shared online by the Boulder Police Department. Our assistants were driving when this young Northern Owl blocked the way,” they wrote on Facebook. “After turning his head strangely (in both directions), he flew away safely.”