Police Dog show’s His Love for Cop Companion

The bond between a lawman and his canine officer is one of great respect and trust. In perhaps the greatest show of love and loyalty between a law enforcement team caught on camera, the star of this photoshoot is the dog.

During their official police department photos, Indiana Officer Levi Knach and his K-9 partner, Kenobi, dressed for the occasion, polished their badges and prepared for a routine portrait. What ensued was far from ordinary, as the spirit of love overcame K-9 Officer Kenobi.

Instead of serious and stern, Kenobi turned the photo session into fun and aww-inducing, as you will see in these images. He can’t help but plant a few smooches on the cheek of Officer Knach, and thankfully the photographer kept snapping.

We know the streets of Indiana are safer with this dynamic duo on the job, and we are grateful for their service. We are also thankful for a savvy photographer, a loving pooch, and his cop companion in creating one of the greatest police dog photo shoots ever.

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