Paralysed Puppy Resond With Joy After Been Bought A New Wheelchair By The Owner

The following video tells the story of a puppy named Pigeon, who is now living a wonderful life thanks to his new, truly loving parents and wheelchair. But that wasn’t always the case with Pigeon. This precocious and always happy dog ​​is paralyzed on his hind legs after being involved in a car accident with his previous owner.

She suffered from her broken bone and was left alone in her veterinary office. Fortunately for our blessed puppy, she was adopted by a compassionate owner who was fascinated by her bold personality. Pigeon’s new furry relative, Erica, saw her as a member of the family rather than as a burden, and that’s how the dog was actually treated. It took months of rehabilitation and dosing before the pigeons could lean on their front legs and pull their hind legs to move.

Despite his situation and handicap, Pigeon exudes his optimistic personality and friendliness. He loves playing with his brothers and moving around the house. At first I was frustrated because my movements were restricted and significantly slowed down, but that doesn’t mean the dog gave up.

And Erica wanted Pigeon to feel like her again, so she decided to take her dog to a wheelchair. Happy, playful and carefree. She went to Eddie`s Wheels to make a bespoke pet chair and she had one made for Pigeon. And when Pigeon first got into a wheelchair, it was magic! His reaction can be seen very clearly in the video. As you can see in the video below.

There was confusion at first, and then hesitation and curiosity when he looked at the owner with suspicious eyes. It was pure excitement when he stepped in to let the owner know he couldn’t wait to get out and try a new bike. He went ahead and went through the gate first.

“The moment we put her in her wheelchair, she became another dog,” explains Erica.

“Most dogs don’t get into a wheelchair right away. Pigeon really pretended that the chair was an extension of her body and it was great.” Pigeon uses a wheelchair every day and is ready to play with brother in the garden or take a walk in the neighborhood. She no longer looks like a paralyzed dog, but a very happy and healthy dog.