Owner Tries to Make Dog Smiling and Succeeded

Smiling is a natural way to show joy and has become a universal language that connects people around the world.
What about dogs?

Although dogs have a different way of showing that they are happy, they wag their tails, and perhaps a dog’s smile is not much different from a human’s.
There is no exact scientific answer behind a dog’s smile, there are some tooth extractions, which means several different things.

But Studies explain that when dogs feel happy and content, they have a calm body language just like humans. At this point, the gum muscles of the face of the relaxed gifts, to give them the mouth of the eraser and the released tires and the corners of the mouth of the tires turn up. So it is very possible that tire smiles can make pure happiness!

In the video below, you will see this dog knows how to pose for a picture, and it’s hilarious! His owner keeps telling him to smile for the camera, and every time he tries to smile, it gets funnier and funnier!

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