Owner Swimming With His 20-Year-Old Paralyzed Dog Until He Slept In His Arms

As we have seen in many stories on the Internet, the unconditional love of dogs is strong. Adopted when he was 8 months old, our adorable senior dog turned 20. John Unger of Wisconsin, USA, has a stray dog ​​named Shoep. He was very old and did not want to get better.

Its owner, Ungus, was preparing for the inevitable. John and Shoep have lived together for 19 years. Unger recently learned that his dog was suffering from severe arthritis. He was devastated when the vet advised him to put the dog on the bed, but instead John refused and decided to ease Shoep’s pain. John did his best to take care of the cute puppy over the last few years, took care of him and held him, and he didn’t want to leave him. John was always by his side. Unger started swimming with his dog to relieve joint pain. Swimming in the water helps Shoep reduce stress on its joints and muscles.

Dog was so calm that it sometimes fell asleep in its owners’ hands. A moving picture of John and his dog Shoep, taken by John’s girlfriend Hannah, shows it all. “He didn’t swim every time he went into the water, he just wanted to hold me by the shoulders and hug me with his legs,” Unger recalled. “Once suddenly he fell asleep. Unfortunately, Shoep had already passed away. The dog had a hard time when he met John. But the dog never forgot his master’s departure.

John promises to take good care of him and treat him well. And he did. Even in these difficult times, John continued to care for him and tried to keep him alive, insisting that he should always be followed in the most enjoyable moments of his life. Please share your thoughts on this warm friendship story and pray for Schoep in Heaven.