Old Guard Dog Whose Nose Was Cut Off Finds Adoptive Family Who Fills Him With Love

It was as pathetic as the dog’s job was to protect Cairo’s property, but he took it seriously. When people got too close to the property he was protecting, he did what he was supposed to do … what all dogs do.
Lauren Connelly of Special Needs Animal Rescue and Rehabilitation (SNARR) said:

„He barked and they cut his nose off“

And for years he was seen haunting the streets of the city, often curling up under the car and living in quiet suffering. But others became his voice. The first was the Animal Conservation Foundation, a local organization. This is an organization that cares for thousands of oppressed animals across the country.

Connelly, a care coordinator for the US-based group, said: “We took dozens of animals from them to the United States, the animals that were suffering in a country that would otherwise be unable to take care of them.” After all, it was a virtual army of volunteers. It was a squadron of drivers from F. Kennedy International Airport in New York City to Olney, Maryland. After spending a week, Anubis stopped by in Fort Worth, Texas, Tennessee.

To Anubis, it may have felt like a journey to his own Rattening. Except that he had love at every stop. And of course food. eat a lot.

Anubis will live with foster parents for up to 6 months. But Connelly says they have a good chance of becoming his eternal family because they are “upside down for him.” In addition, he is already in love with his new sister, another rescued dog who happens to be blind.

After years of living in a car on a busy and dangerous road, Anubis is no longer a dog in the underworld. But the god of the sofa.