Nurse shows love for dying dog who are dumped

46-year-old Nicole Coyle is a retired nurse who has a special love for senior, abandoned dogs. Over the years, she was heartbroken to witness many families dumping their senior or terminally ill dogs without an ounce of love or care. So she decided to turn her own home into a hospice for these unlucky dogs.

Called “Grey Muzzle Canine Hospice Project”, this hospice takes in dogs who have only 6 months or less to live. In fact, Nicole has used up a large part of her savings in adopting dogs who are just days away from being put down.

Nicole’s crusade doesn’t just stop after adopting the sick dogs. She also makes sure to give the dogs a luxurious life in their final days. She not only treats them to steak and ice-cream, but also takes them to playful trips on the beach. Thanks to Nicole’s untiring efforts, the dogs don’t feel unloved and unwanted in their final days.

Many of Nicole’s dogs have beaten their diagnosis and lived longer under her love and care. Nicole is terrified by the fact that many senior or sick dogs still die alone after being kicked out by their families. She hopes that such owners start being more thoughtful toward their dogs instead of ghosting them.

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