Mother Giraffe Waits For Her Exhausted Infant To Show Signs Of Life

Some of the lucky ones who visited the Memphis Zoo in Tennessee experienced an unforgettable and unique moment. They saw a female giraffe give birth to her first baby, and the whole heartwarming moment was captured by the camera!

Because the giraffe was due to arrive in a few days, none of the zoo staff expected that moment to arrive so early. But fortunately, someone lucky enough to witness this event was able to record it as it unfolded. The mother in the photo is looking for the perfect place to give birth. And as soon as her baby is born, her mother’s strong instincts are triggered to assume the role of her caregiver with her love and compassion that only her mother can give.

Fortunately, the baby was healthy and there was no interference from the zookeepers, so the young mother and baby were able to run around and spend precious time. It’s always fun to see a mother bonding her baby in such a unique way! You can see the magical moment below!