Mother Elephant Fought 11 Hours To Save The Baby

A mother’s love and protection is the best thing in the world and we see this clearly in all species. A mother’s love for her children, whether human or animal, is limitless. And if you need more reasons to believe it, this story will give you one.

In 2015, in a small town in India, people witnessed the strange sight of an elephant tenaciously digging a hole from sunrise to sunset for 11 hours. Initially, she used the trunk as a shovel, and the legs were also included in the process.

Elephant was part of a herd of elephants sighted while walking in northeastern India. But apparently the girl was so busy with her “work” that about 60 elephant had to leave her behind.

Villagers were curious and, of course, confused. No one knew what was going on at that moment, and wild elephants could be dangerous, so we had to keep a certain distance to observe more.

It wasn’t until a few hours later that they understood the touching truth about her actions. Her child was there and she was trapped in a dirty well. They wanted to help, but they didn’t know how.

Unfortunately, the elephant was slowly losing its strength and clumsy gestures only made the situation worse. The girl accidentally pushed more and more mud into the well, so the more she dug, the deeper the calf was shoved back.

Only then did the villagers realize they had to act quickly.