Mother Bear Blocking Traffic To Help Four Adorable Baby Bears Cross The Road

A touching moment as the mother bear struggles to get her four cubs across the road. But her mission is thwarted by two babies who don’t seem very cooperative. The scene lasted nearly 20 minutes, so it ended in a traffic jam. But all the drivers waited patiently for the poor mother bear to finally succeed.

Robin Covelli from Torrington, Connecticut was one of the drivers and witnessed the entire scene. She even captured lovely moments on camera, which went viral, garnering millions of views in one day.

“I was very lucky to witness this today,” Covelli wrote on Facebook. “This poor mother bear tried to take four (yes, four) pups across the street for 15-20 minutes. As you can see, they weren’t very cooperative, but oh, how lovely! I’m sure many of you moms will understand this!”

The heedful mother bear is about to take her cute cubs from one side of the road to the other, so she grabbed one of the cubs with her mouth to urged others to follow. But while her second cub is chasing her tightly, the other two look a bit stubborn. When the third cub finally finds courage to cross the road, the fourth climbs the tree, but in the opposite direction. Of course, the mother also returns back and only the cub who had already crossed chased her for the entertainment of the driver. Eventually, the bear manages to put all the cubs in their places. Being a mother is no easy task!

Here is the video!