Months Away From Each Other, Soldier Decides To Surprise Her Senior Dog

The following video from our story shows a soldier rejoicing after leaving his family and loved ones for a chance to hug his beloved older dog. Being separated from your family and loved ones is one of the toughest things anyone can experience. People often have to leave each other for a number of reasons, including business and health reasons.

One of the most difficult parts of her overall experience is interacting with the dog and family when this soldier had to fly away from home. Participate in basic training and training camps.

However, after three and a half months, a soldier in this army had the opportunity to return to his hometown and return to his beloved family. She certainly missed everyone, but one of the moments she really looked forward to was the chance to cuddle a cute old dog named Buddy. This is a beautiful 13 year old Golden Retriever with arthritis and almost complete hearing loss. She doesn’t hear how much people love her, but she definitely feels the love in their arms. She came to hug and kiss her best friend. Thankfully, Buddy was there to hug and kiss the owner and show how much she missed her.

Every soldier deserves this “welcome home,” and every dog ​​deserves to be treated with such love and respect! It is often said that animals have long-lasting memories, but there is always the question of how true this is. As seen in the following video, Buddy doesn’t hear her owner’s voice, but her dog recognizes her immediately. such a touching moment.

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