Mommy dog gives puppy one last kiss before it’s taken away by new owner.

We don’t really don’t know about the feelings of a mummy dog when she sees her pups being adopted one by one. But, we know that dogs have feelings, and we know that they instinctively protect their puppies.

Of course, as a mother, you can’t say goodbye to your dog, but most dogs always do.
This story is a little different because he was a stray dog ​​and some students helped him to survive.


Her birth was a miracle for her, but the departure of the puppies was certainly very difficult.
She gave one by one her puppies and for a long time was left alone with the last puppy.

They spent a length of time alone together, which most certainly created a special bond between them it was very difficult to say goodbye.

“Don’t worry. I will take good care of your puppy,” the woman said to the mother dog, and with that, the mother dog turned and walked away, but one more time she did turn around and looked back at her baby and gave him the last kiss

Of course, dogs also understand the complexity of love, which makes them that much more loveable.

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