Moment when a Dog plays better than you in beach

We know dolphins have impressive skills when it comes to soccer balls, but this Border Collie was nowhere near camera shy when it came to showing off his own set impressive set ball skills.

At a beautiful beach in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, sunbathers and beach-walkers watched in amazement while a group of friends played beach soccer with a very unique furry twist. The furry fourth player, Scotch the dog, is well-known around his area, entertaining locals and tourists with his impressive ball aim and dexterity.

Poised and ready, the enthusiastic beach soccer star patiently waited for his turn whilst the group of friends happily passed the ball to each other.

The three friends showed a great amount of technique keeping the ball up…which also appeared to be no problem for the keen pooch!

When it was his turn, he successfully made six impressively smooth passes to his fellow teammates before the ball finally hit the ground.

All we know this pup can’t play for a team, but he’s basically a professional!

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