Mom Tries To Make Baby Say “Mama” but dog says first and baby get jealous

It is a well-known fact that a dog’s mental abilities are close to those of a human child.
This is why toddlers and dogs have similar patterns in intelligence, communication skills, and social behavior!

In this video from Juta, we see the efforts of mother Andrea Diaz-Giovanini to force her 9-month-old son Sam to say Mama. She tries to bribe Sam with a tablespoon and forces him to say the precious word. However, it is her clever noise, Patch, which catches the whole game and succeeds first!

Throughout the videos, we see the confusion of Sami struggling to understand Andrea’s request. But Patch, a bright Australian Shepherd, has turned a blind eye to food. He sharpens his vocal cords and sits down saying Mama at least 3 times! A’krenar!

Poor baby Sam becomes jealous when he realizes that Patch is stealing his thunder in front of his mother! He adores trying to push his siblings, but Patch doesn’t care!
He is still busy looking at food with a single devotion. Hopefully Andrea gives this dog the treatment it deserves!
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