Man Who Owns Four Acres Of Land Adopts 45 Dogs To Live Freely

Meet Mark Starmer! One day he decided to adopt 45 dogs and a gray wolf, all at once! This kind man from British Columbia in Canada wants to give his dogs everything they need to lead a happy and healthy life. He even built them a 4-acre property, just for them to walk around, and as you can see in the video below, they couldn’t be happier!

Just looking at them, going from shelter to this 4 acre space, all to themselves is amazing! Mark says that while it takes a lot of work to maintain this, taking care of the dogs is “a labor of love” and well worth it! His good deeds haven’t gone unnoticed, as the experienced rescuers saw and gave all their love and more.


Giving new life to all 45 of these sad souls, helping fight puppy mills and unreasonable breeding, he’s just a great guy!


The sad truth is that not all dogs from shelters find homes, so for someone to go through all this work to provide a home for these dogs so deserving of a comfortable life and love is nothing short of remarkable. The compassion and kindness Starmer offers is what we need to see more of in the world!


When you watch the video you can see how happy these furbabies are! Watch how they run with excited expressions on their faces. We are so happy that all 45 dogs and gray wolf now have a happy home and space to run around and play as freely as they want.

If you’ve ever found yourself in British Columbia and seen a doggo storm hit, chances are you’ve come across the Starmer family. Thank you Mark for your kindness to these struggling furbabies.