The man who created the world’s first labradoodle has spoken of his regret in creating the popular mixed-breed dog, describing them as “crazy Frankenstein’s monsters” prone to hereditary problems.
Australian, Wally Conron, bred the first labradoodle, Sultan, in 1989 as a guide dog for a blind woman whose husband was allergic to dog hair.
“I find that the biggest majority are either crazy or have a hereditary problem,” told the Australian Broadcasting Corporation.
“I do see some damn nice labradoodles but they’re few and far between.”
Despite the creature’s popularity, Conron expressed concern that people are overbreeding the dog and creating new sub-breeds, such as the spoodle (a cross between a spaniel and a poodle) and the groodle (a mixture of golden retrievers and poodles).​
The former breeding manager with the Royal Guide Dog Association of Australia spent three years trialling poodles as potential guide dogs, but found that they didn’t have the same temperament as Labradors.
To try and resolve the issue, he ended up breeding the two dogs to create the popular pet.
In 2014, the mixed-breed pups were allowed to enter the prestigious US Westminster Kennel Club dog show for the first time in its 138 year history.
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