Man reunited with Dog After two years he was stolen way from him

Dr. Rian Maercks left his four-month-old German Shepherd puppy, Schiele, inside his Tesla with the doors locked and air conditioning on, while he quickly ran into a store to pick up a new grill.

But when Maercks returned to his car, Schiele was gone. Someone had smashed the window of his car and stole the puppy right out of it.

Dr. Maercks, who doesn’t have any family but his dogs, was absolutely devastated. He had rescued Schiele from Puerto Rico and formed a very close bond with him in a short period of time.

Unfortunately, Schiele was stolen the day before Christmas Eve, so for Maercks, the holidays were anything but merry. Every holiday that followed was never the same without Schiele.

Maercks searched everywhere for him, posted flyers all over the community, and prayed that he would see is furry best friend again.

While he tried to remain hopeful, Maercks couldn’t help but think that his beloved pup was either dead or abused.

But he couldn’t be more wrong.

This past week, Maercks unexpected received a call from Animal Services. It turns out that whoever had Schiele decided to drop him off there.
Maercks may have lost his pup right before the holidays, but two years later, he was able to reunite with him just in time for Thanksgiving.

It’s unknown where Schiele has been these past two years, but Maercks is relieved to see that he looks like he is in good shape.

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