The Man Lovingly Prepares The Thanksgiving Dinner For His Dogs

Since fall is here, we think of Thanksgiving. A time when we all have the opportunity to be thankful and thank God for all that we have. But this special day also gives us a wonderful opportunity to show our loved ones how much we appreciate them.

Since we all love our dogs as much as our family (dogs are actually family), this man took this opportunity to show how much he loves and cares for his two furry friends. And what better way to show them your compassion, but give them a very special celebration.

Hardly said than done, because the man just invited his two dogs Max (right) and Buddy (left) to sit at the table. Then he offered them a special dish with vegetables, potatoes and of course some of the delicious turkey. But not before praying together and thanking God for everything.

Although the two adorable dogs sit quietly in their seats, Max freezes a bit. But who can resist such appetizing meals in front of you ?! Either way, the two turned out to be such good guys as they finally waited for their father to finish both dishes. Then everyone enjoyed the delicious food!

What a lovely way to thank your furry friends!