Man Leaves For A Minute To Change Clothes when he returned, his Dog was Stolen and his Truck was Damaged

A train conductor named Charles Siegle from Stockton, California, has reached out to the public for help after his truck was stolen along with his dog, Gunner, inside. This happened when Charles had stepped out of the car momentarily to pick up his uniform.

When Charles returned, both the truck and Gunner were gone. Gunner was last seen wearing a red bandanna. He is about 80 pounds, and quite friendly. Charles is pleading with the public to come forward with any information they might have. Please spread the word.

Update: Charles’ intense campaign to track Gunner on social media paid off, as someone found Gunner in an injured state with his bandanna still around his neck. The truck was retrieved too, although it was completely gutted. The thieves ran away with everything, from Charles’ personal IDs to Gunner’s toys.

Gunner was found alone with one of his legs completely thrashed. He also had some road rash injuries and open wounds. The poor dog will now require an expensive surgery to get better. We hope the poor dog gets better soon. Help the authorities find the thieves who are still running free.

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