Man In Traffic Riding His Horse To The Bank

Everyone has to fulfill many promises every day, and this often makes our lives stressful. But we need to find creative ways to make those promises interesting. The man in the video seems to have found a way to have fun while fulfilling his duty.Let’s see what he does.

Jonathan Marshall overcomes a traffic jam and heads to shore on horseback with a four-legged buddy that oddly resembles the famous black horse logo. Barnstaple street shoppers were shocked when rider Jonathan Marshall sped down the main road yesterday in a striking black stallion, Amadeus.

A 50-year-old man from Guzham near Bude, Cornwall, was dizzy when he tied an Amadeus outside the Lloyds Bank branch with the iconic black horse logo and went inside to pay by check.

Jonathan, who trains horses and raptors for television and film, has been raising 10-year-old Amadeus since May when his owner died in an accident. At the same time it was ridiculously beautiful. Please watch the video below and share your thoughts.