Luckey puppies, get new Home

Two abandoned puppies from Perth have been rehomed after round-the-clock love and care from Scottish SPCA.

Named Sharky and Georgie by rescue centre workers, the brothers were discovered abandoned in woods at North Muirton on the outskirts of Perth.

A dog walker spotted the puppies, which were only a few days old, and phoned the Scottish SPCA animal helpline.

The call most likely saved the lives of the pups which, being so young, needed feeding every few hours.

Dale Christie, Angus, Fife and Tayside Animal Rescue and Rehoming Centre’s assistant manager, said: “The pups were only a few days old when they arrived.

“We hand-reared the pair. This means feeding them every few hours, including during the night.

“It’s hard work but so worth it when you build a bond with the animals and they start to trust you.

“Sharky was with us for 59 days. Georgie had a slight disfigurement and disability so he needed extra care and was with us for a bit longer.
“We’re delighted to say that both pups were successfully rehomed.

“Sharky went to a loving home with a family and Georgie found his forever home with a couple.

“They didn’t have the best start in life but they are now living the life they deserve.”

Scotland’s animal welfare charity receives around 200,000 phone calls to its helpline each year to rescue abused, injured and abandoned animals across Scotland.

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