Loyal Dog, Partially Disabled Stays With 3 Years Old Lost Girl Until She Is Found

Surprisingly, emotional intelligence and love for dogs are very high, especially among children. Some parents worry about how their dog and baby will interact, but for the most part, dogs are loyal guardians and friendly playmates from childhood.

The true story is that the old dog heroically saved the life of a young boy despite his limitations. A three-year-old girl named Aurora has disappeared into the bushes of Queensland, Australia. The vast, rugged terrain makes searches nearly impossible.

The area around the home is mountainous and very difficult to walk,” local state emergency services dispatcher Ian Phipps told ABC. “Actually, it was quite difficult to search areas where volunteers and police were stationed on very steep slopes with lush vegetation, such as Lantana.”
Several hours have passed. From noon to night the situation was very bad. The weather was cold and rainy, so Aurora was not dressed for the weather. But fortunately, Aurora is not alone. She is with Max, a 17-year-old deaf and partially blind dog with blue heels. Max stayed with Aurora all night and left Aurora alone when he slept next to him, keeping him safe and warm.


Not only that, Max saves Haru by telling his family where he is. Aurora’s grandmother Lisa Bennett heard her granddaughter cry on her mountain and approached her. On the way she met her Max, who took her to her exact place and saved her from finding her area.

“When I heard her scream for her Grammys, I knew it was her,” Leisa said. “I climbed a mountain… When I got to the top, a dog came and took me straight away.” Surprisingly, they found her right before the exposure negatively affected her health. “She is a very strong young girl who can survive without negative consequences, and all the volunteers are very happy,” Ian Phipps told ABC.


I wonder how things would have been different had Max protected her there at night and hadn’t revealed her whereabouts. “It could have happened in one of 100 ways, but she’s here, alive and healthy,” Leisa said. “This is a great outcome for our family.” Despite not being able to hear or see Max, he risked his life to be praised as a hero. Queensland police even christened him an honorary police dog.