Lost Dog Freezes In Traffic, What You need to do if you find a Stray Dog

A Cleveland paramedic named Lily Tell is being hailed as a hero after she dashed through busy traffic to save a dog’s life. The 10-pound miniature pup was terrified and frozen at the congested intersection of Broadway and Pershing. Lily spotted the dog and instantly paved her way into the traffic to save her.

The dog, now named Millie, was so happy to see Lily that she ran up to her arms and begged to be rescued. Millie had a red collar on, but no tags. It seemed likely that she was lost, so Lily decided to take her to Cuyahoga County Animal Shelter for further help.

During the car ride to the shelter with Millie, Lily became very attached to the little dog. Millie felt so safe with her rescuer that she calmly sat on her lap the entire ride. Lily now hopes that Millie finds her family soon. In case no one comes forward to claim her, Lily has happily promised to adopt the pooch!

Millie is well settled in the shelter, thanks to Lily. The shelter is now hoping to find the rightful owner. Anyone who has any information on Millie’s owner can visit the shelter’s website. We thank Lily for being such a brave rescuer! Spread the word to help Millie find her family soon.

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