Lonely Puppy Tries 5 Times To Steal A Stuffed Unicorn Toy

Sisu, a stray dog, was caught stealing a stuffed unicorn. When the store reported the incident to Animal Care, one of the store’s agents bought the toy for him. Since that day, Sisu has never let go of his purple friend. For this lonely stray puppy, life on the street could be much better with a purple plush unicorn. Sisu, a stray dog, had no home to return to, which is probably why he tried to have a friend by his side.

Last week, Sisu broke into a North Carolina Dollar General five times, trying to get the stuffed unicorn! Of course he was stopped by an employee, who took the toy away and put it back on the shelf. But that did not stop Sisu from persisting. As a result, Dollar General employees called Duplin County Animal Services and asked for help.

“We got a call from our contact center saying [Sisu] was at Dollar General and picked up a unicorn, and he did it five times,” said Joe Newburn supervisor of Duplin County Animal Services. “So they ended up locking the door and not letting him in. When the officer came in and found out he really wanted the unicorn, she bought it.”

Animal control officer Samantha Lane heard how desperate Sisu was to get the toy, so she thought buying it for him was the right thing to do.
“She just bought unicorns because that’s what she wants,” says Joe.

We don’t know why Sisu wants unicorns so much. The animal care group speculates that the unicorn can evoke memories of his old home. Whatever the real reason, one thing is for sure: Sisu never abandoned his purple friend, and the team knows it.

“He’s always with his best friend ,” Joe said. “The only time he doesn’t mess with it is when it gets dirty. But once you wash it and clean it up, it’s back to being his companion again.”

Joe added that Sisu likes to play and is “very smart” and “well-behaved”. He knows how to follow simple tricks such as “sitting,” “staying,” and “shaking hands.”

To aid him in his aggression against other male dogs, Sisu was brought to the North Carolina Rescue Lab with his unicorn. Once he is liberated, he is ready for his journey in search of his permanent home.

And when that happens, Sisu’s future family will receive a reward – her unicorn friend.