Lonely Husky Escaped From Yard To Embrace His Best Friend

Messy and his human Oranit Kittragul live in Thailand. Audi is a husky who lives in the same district across the street and is alone almost all day while his humans are working. Being alone makes Audi a little sad and afraid, and whenever he feels his friend feels a little too lonely, Messy barks at him, which somehow calms Audi.

Once, when Audi man forgot to secure his gate when he went to work, and the dog fled to visit Messy for the first time. Oranit saw the greetings and hugs of the two and took a picture of this adorable moment and shared it online. It was their first time to meet face to face, but they were as strong as my lifelong friend. Audi was a good boy and knew that he shouldn’t be too far from the garden, so he greeted a friend and went home immediately.

This good boy is Messy in the yellow lab who lives with the human Oranit Kittragul in Thailand.

Messy did a great job of comforting his friend Audi, a husky who lives across the street and feels sad and lonely when his humans are working. Whenever Audi barks or cries, messy bark and Audi calm down. Perhaps he is comforted by the idea that he is not alone.

One day, Audi’s man forgot to secure the gate, so Audi took a chance and went to see Messy. In this photo, they meet and hug at the fence for the first time. Isn’t the dog the most loyal friend?