Little puppy wants to help mom to ride the bike by Pedaling on the Air

Ace is one adventurous Pomeranian who lives with his mom, Tanya Reid, in Toronto, Ontario. When Tanya saw that the curious 11-year-old was fascinated by her bicycle, she decided to take him on a ride. Ace was so happy with the ride that he insisted on accompanying her every single day!

In this video from one of their rides, we see Ace and Tanya happily cruising along the scenic route on their bike. Ace is safely tucked in a harness-carrier strapped on Tanya. After many rides, Ace has figured out that the bike runs on his mom’s pedaling moves. So like a good and helpful boy, he starts pedaling the air with his paws as well!

Tanya is amused to see Ace air-pedaling with full gusto. He wears a gleaming smile as he proudly rolls his paws and “helps” Mom move. With the breeze brushing his fur, the fresh new smells, and the soft sunlight on his face, Ace looks like a happy dog lost in bliss!

Ace mimicking antics have gone viral on social media, inspiring many owners to take their dogs on similar bike rides. Thank you Tanya, for sharing this precious little video with the world!

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