Little Puppy tries to eat but get trampled by other dogs who fights over food

In many parts of the world, stray animals are totally on their own. They have no other choice but to fend for themselves. It’s such a sad situation, especially for puppies. Dogs are pack animals and strays are no exception. If food is scarce, and the pack is hungry, this can cause quite a stir. Sometimes puppies get in the way and are accidentally hurt by larger dogs, commonly trampled by several adult pack members. This is what happened to this little one, later named Malee.

Malee was found with two of his back legs badly broken. He could not move. He also had a swollen belly that was so distended, it frightened his rescuers. They rushed him to the emergency vet who put him on IV fluids right away. This would help his pain and his poor little belly. He was so bloated because of hunger.

Malee had to have surgery on both legs. But the vet felt it was best to operate on them one at a time so that he wasn’t in so much pain at once. Plus, being under anesthesia too long is dangerous for a puppy his age.

The brave pup stayed at the medical center for six weeks in order to recover. He did so well! All of the volunteers loved being around him.

Malee continued to heal and get nice and strong. Then word got out about the sweet pup and a kind person stepped forward wanting to adopt him. While he had been through so much, Malee is now in a forever home, living his best life. We are so grateful!

Thank you Malee’s rescuers! Thank you Malee’s veterinarian! And thank you to all the wonderful souls out there who help animals in need out of the kindness of their hearts. Watch Malee’s rescue and recovery in the video below!

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