Little Owl Needs Protection – Becomes Bestfriend With Giant German Shepherd To Look After Him

The animal kingdom is full of unexpected friendships, but this one takes things to a whole new level. German Shepherd Ingo and little owl Poldi live in Germany with their human mother Tanja Brandt and, believe it or not, they are very close friends!

One of their favorite things is getting close to each other and posing together for adorable photos. Especially since Tanja is a professional wildlife photographer. So Ingo and Poldi have plenty of opportunities to showcase their incredible friendship. A special bond for both of them. Needless to say, this beautiful connection makes them happy and joyful, believing that there is always one another to provide all the comforts in the world.

The owl was only a year old, so Ingo quickly assumed the role of her protector. Therefore, the dog makes sure to always stay close to Poldi in case she is scared or needs protection. In return, Poldi gives affection and love to the dog.

Ingo comes from a family of police dogs, so it’s in his nature to take on the role of guard. And Poldi is the most vulnerable in the family because she was born earlier than all her siblings, there is no better duo.

Here are some adorable photos taken by owner Tanja showing their unique friendship in action!

Here is the video!