Little Girl Teach Her Dog to Play Hide and Seek

On cold, rainy or old days at home, both children and pets can get bored quickly. Thanks to dog trainer Omar Von Muller, boredom is a thing of the past.

Omar took to Instagram to share an adorable video of how his dog, a sweet poem called Monkey, plays hide and seek with his daughter.

The little girl is seen in the video telling Monkey they are going to play a game of hide and seek together. She tells Monkey, “You go count.” No sooner does she say the words aloud and Monkey walks away.

The pooch stands on his hind legs and appears to close his eyes by lowering his head between his front paws. The little girl reminds the dog not to peek right at the exact moment Monkey turns around to see where she went.

“Come find me,” the little girl’s voice can be heard from another room, without our gaze.

The monkey is removed to test and find the baby. He must have been successful, as the little girl mocked out loud.

Watch this smart home game by clicking the game in the video below. Do well, you two!

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