The Little Foal Begins To Cry And The Mother Came To Calm Down

What is one of the strongest forms of love? It is definitely the love of parents, and there is nothing comparable to the love of our parents. They spend most of their lives taking care of us and helping us live the best possible life. The moment a child is born, it quickly becomes the most important thing in a parent’s life, and from then on, the difficult task of becoming a good parent and raising the child in the best possible way arises.

The same applies to animals. They are very protective of their children. For example, mares do everything to protect their children. We have seen young foals in danger, and their mothers have done their best to protect them at all costs. After all, good parents always do, and this mare in the video below proved to be a good parent.

The family found a foal in the stable and asked them to stroke it. The foal began to cry for fear of others. He was a little next door and his mother ran towards him. The family saw the danger to their credit and avoided it. You did the right thing. Her mother followed her natural instinct and came to protect her little foal. The sound of their hooves was horrifying, but once you understand the purpose, the moment becomes even more fascinating.

She is ready to do anything to protect her girl horse. It’s a great scene for a mare to get into full swing and be with a foal. These people really respected these amazing creatures and fully understood the purpose of the mare.

Thank you that the mare did not become aggressive against any of these people. That is important in such situations. Check out the video below and let us know what you think.