Little Cute Girl Takes Disabled Dog For a Walk

The dog and the cute girl you will see in the video are very nice, they like to go for walks together, spend time and play different games.
They also attract the attention of other people who see them walking through the neighborhood.

When Jennie was born, Echo took to her immediately. The two became inseparable and did everything together including eating, snuggling, and playing.

Echo is a deaf dog and Jennie has limited sight, but that doesn’t stop them from going out together, she loves this dog.
The little girl insists on holding the dog’s rope and when her mother is near.
Her mom says these besties have been inseparable since Jennie was born. Even though Echo is deaf and has limited sight, the two are still able to communicate in their own ways

Thank goodness for Jenny’s mom rescuing Echo, and the dog was nearly euthanized by its former owner had left it due to disability.

We have no words to go through this inseparable duo, Just look and enjoy the video below


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