Lioness Endangers Her Life To Save The Cub In Dramatic Rescue

Living in the wild is not easy for a cub, especially in difficult places like Masai Mara in Kenya. A moment of distraction is enough for this lion cub to endanger his life. When his mother took her eyes off him, the baby lion unfortunately fell off the edge of a vertical cliff.

After seeing himself helpless alone, the cub began screaming for help. His mother, not far away, arrived in haste with three other lioness and a male. However, the fate of the cub appeared to be sealed, as rescue also endangered the life of the lion.

In the end, maternal love became the deciding factor, and the lioness decided it was worth risking her life to save the baby lion. From this point on, the drama begins. Fortunately, wildlife photographer Jean Francois Largo was able to capture the amazing scene on camera.

Slowly, agonizingly, the lioness started on her way to her frightened cub. Using her strong claws, she cautiously stepped up the slippery hill, knowing that one mistake would end her and her baby’s life. In the end, she had it in her jaws. The cub feels safe now, but it’s still┬ádangerous. The arduous journey back is about to begin. The dramatic scene ends on solid ground on a cliff top, leaving the mother and her cub unharmed.

Now that everything is fine, the weary mom licks her baby to let him know he’s safe. Hope her baby cub has learned the lesson!

Here is the video!