Lion Meets for the First Time with His Beautiful Baby and Crouches Together

Just a few weeks ago, Denver Zoo happily announced the birth of a healthy lion cub, Tatu. In a recent video, the zookeepers documented Tatu’s first meeting with his dad, Tobias, and it is the sweetest thing we’ve seen in a while!

This swoon-worthy video shows Tatu and Tobias’ adorable first encounter in the shed. The moment Papa Tobias sees his little baby, his eyes gleam with pride and happiness. He crouches down to get a good look at the tiny Tatu, and promises to be the best dad to him!

Tatu is growing up fast, and already weighs 12lbs. He is a big climber, and is often seen trying his climb up his mom and dad’s huge bodies with his tiny paws! No wonder animal lovers around the world are following the adorable Tatu’s progress with active enthusiasm!

Meanwhile, the zoo authorities have shared the alarming fact that the number of African lions has halved in the past 25 years. They have urged the people to take steps toward the conservation of wildlife and prevent these magnificent creatures from going extinct. Let’s spread the word and extend our support to the zoo’s cause.

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