The Largest Horse In The World ,Brooklyn Supreme

The reality shows that horses have changed over the years and have come a long way to become the big and powerful animals we know today. The better we learn to breed them, the greater the variety of sizes and features we can get. This applies not only to horses but also to animals. But in the case of horses, they have been used for centuries to help people in all kinds of work.

One of the most important horse breeds known for size and strength is the Belgian draft horse. They tend to do heavy work like pulling and plowing wagons. Long ago, horses were used to complete difficult tasks before the motors took over. The greatest horse in history is called the Brooklyn “Brooklyn” Supreme. This horse was born on April 12, 1928 and lived until September 6, 1948.


During his lifetime, the Belgian Draft Stallion was known to everyone for his huge size. He was a really kind giant. There is much debate as to whether Brookley Supreme is the best horse ever to live. However, the document shows that his size is absolutely unusual and there is no such horse comparable to his size. He had 19.2 hands, a weight of 3,200 pounds, and a circumference of 10 feet 2 inches.


Their horseshoes were made of 30 inches of iron. It was introduced by Earle Brown and was born in the city of Minneapolis. Despite his wonderful appearance, all the people who had the opportunity to meet him in person declare him very kind and kind. Share your thoughts on this gentle giant with us, and don’t forget to share your story with your friends and family on social media.